I learned about this trick with Jell-O when I was living in the high desert of Western Nevada.

It's pretty delicious and incredibly simple to make. Plus, who doesn't like frozen treats in the summer? Yum!

Step 1: Ingredients

For this dessert you will need the following:

-Bryer 's Vanilla Ice Cream
-A flat of raspberries
-Raspberry Jell-O (or any flavor gelatin in a 6 oz. package.)

Step 2: Mix Jell-O

I couldn't find a small packet of Raspberry Jell-O, so I measured out half the packet on a kitchen scale. It was a little bit less than a half cup. *****REVISION USE ALL 6 OZ OF JELLO! IT COMES OUT WAY BETTER!*****

I heated up a little more than a cup of water in the microwave, and stirred the gelatin into the water.

Step 3: Mix Ice Cream

Allow the ice cream to soften for 30 minutes before this step.

Once the ice cream is soft, place it in a metal mixing bowl and mash it with a whisk or a potato masher. Slowly mix in the hot gelatin mixture with the ice cream.

Step 4: Add Fruit.

This part is fun. Pick up the raspberries and squish them in your hands.

Give it a quick stir to coat all the raspberries and then let it sit for about 3 minutes.

Step 5: Pour Into Pan

I like to use glass or ceramic baking dishes for this dessert - they hold the cold in a little bit better than a metal square pan could.

Step 6: Freeze

This generally takes a little more than an hour to set-up. But once its firm to the touch, it's pretty much ready.

Step 7: Serve!

If you let this freeze long enough, it stays pretty solid. It's easy to serve with just a knife, and goes fast. It's a great frozen treat in the summer, and you can try all different kinds of fruits and Jell-O flavors.


<p>I'm totally going to try this with orange flavored jello!</p>
<p>wow I am gonna try this but does it have to have berries because I don't like chewy things in my desserts</p>
<p>Looks amazing!</p>
<p>I tried this recipe twice. I made a strawberry and a cherry version. I didn't care for either. It's so easy to make you should try it, but I just prefer the ice cream. It reminded me of eating strawberry or cherry flavored cool whip with a spoon. </p>
<p>I am ammending the recipe - I started using the whole Jello packet, and it comes out way better!</p>
<p>Delicious Recipe...... ^___^</p>
this also very neat if you pour into silicone popsicle molds
<p>Delicious Recipe.!</p>
<p>haha cool! pardon the pun ;p ;)</p>
<p>yes please! Yum!</p>
<p>This is like amazingly delicious!</p>

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