I learned about this trick with Jell-O when I was living in the high desert of Western Nevada.

It's pretty delicious and incredibly simple to make. Plus, who doesn't like frozen treats in the summer? Yum!

Step 1: Ingredients

For this dessert you will need the following:

-Bryer 's Vanilla Ice Cream
-A flat of raspberries
-Raspberry Jell-O (or any flavor gelatin in a 6 oz. package.)

<p>I tried this recipe twice. I made a strawberry and a cherry version. I didn't care for either. It's so easy to make you should try it, but I just prefer the ice cream. It reminded me of eating strawberry or cherry flavored cool whip with a spoon. </p>
<p>I am ammending the recipe - I started using the whole Jello packet, and it comes out way better!</p>
<p>Delicious Recipe...... ^___^</p>
this also very neat if you pour into silicone popsicle molds
<p>I'm totally going to try this with orange flavored jello!</p>
<p>Delicious Recipe.!</p>
<p>haha cool! pardon the pun ;p ;)</p>
<p>Hey, my grandmother used to make a variation of this years and years ago.</p><p>She metled the ice cream in strawberry flavoured jello, then poured that over an angel food cake covering it with sliced strawberries. Unmoulding it from the angel food pan, you'd end up with this delicious strawberry, vanilla spongy deliciousness. </p>
<p>yes please! Yum!</p>
<p>This is like amazingly delicious!</p>

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