Hello fellow kayakers! Here's a pretty simple kayak trailer/cart that requires very few materials and tools to make. I never intended to make this into an Instructable, but after using it, I figured I had too share the idea. The great thing about this is that it can be tweaked and redone to suit any kayak and attach almost anything from bikes to ATVs. PLEASE feel free to leave all criticism, ideas, and comments on here. I'm only 16 and this is my first instructable so everything helps. Thanks alot!

Today this was tested with a 100lbs person sitting  in the back while I lugged it around. It held up quite nicely. The only thing I might change is  the space beteen the tires and the kayak. If she tilted a little bit the wheels would rub a little bit.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Now, every kayak will be different. So your sizes will change depending on your kayak. Heres a rough list of what you'll need.
2- 12" cuts of 2" PVC piping.-I used the thick walled gray stuff
2- 25" cuts of 1/2" PVC
2- Lawn Mower Tires Or Whatever You Have
12" of 90 degree bend metal plus some for later. (See Picture 2)
2- 3" Bolts and nuts to go with it

The length of my 2" PVC is based off the distance of my scupper holes. For sit-in kayaks, just make sure its at least 3/4 of your kayaks width or more, and the 1/2" might have to be longer than 25" so you have enough ground clearance.

Drill-For Putting Holes In PVC and In Metal
Saw capable of cutting through PVC (ie; Bow Saw, Hack Saw, etc.)
Welder-To weld a wall on the angled metal so your wheels can attach, but there can be many alternatives to the "Axle" design that don't involve a welder
Grinder-To cut out square to be welded on

Now I use the angled metal and such for strength. You could very easily just take a long axel and string it through to your wheels. It would make things a bit easier, but I'm a complicated man.
Well done! This trailer should win for its creativity alone. Good luck!
Thanks! It works quite well and I figured I'd share the idea with the rest of the world.

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