An EXTREMELY simple design that is pretty strong and i think it looks cool. Hope you feel the same. My first instructable posted so i hope for possitive feedback but i am able to take criticism if you have any. If anyone has suggestions for any problems they have, then i would like to know about them.

Step 1: The Handle

This is extremely simple and you can probrably make it from looking at the pictures.

Here is the parts list:
dark blue rod x4
red rod x4
white connectors (or black like mine) x2
yellow connectors (or gray like mine) x4
Grey connector x1
great instructable the blades were flimsey so i added support so now i might use it for halloween (no one is to old for free candy)
Just one question,how did you reinforce it? I might do the same thing.
The swords in the game occasionally have sparks zap from one blade to the other, so i took 8 or so ladder connectors and snapped them into place on each blade, facing the other, in groups. Then, i connected them with a rod. <br><br>I can explain without pics, and I wrecked it a few years ago, so I hope my instructions were clear enough.
Very cool!
love it!!!
Tis my blade<br>
also 4x green rods.
how do you like mine???<br />
yea looks good!!! best 1 i think but (the dreaded but) i made 1 that might just do well against ever1 elses
Nice, very sturdy. A lot better than noskid's.
hellchild's is the best
very simple i will build it even though i have never seen bendy small rods
love it!!!!!!!!!!! it's awsome thxs so much iv'ebeen looking for one that's reall sturdy
Very nice. Looks realistic.
Pretty sweet.... I think I might just build it......
that looks close!

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