Step 3: The Blades

Simple yet again. You can use the pictures.

Parts list:
Green connectors x4
tiny green/black rods x4
white rods x2
grey rods x8
orange/brown connectors x16
grey single slot connectors x12

great instructable the blades were flimsey so i added support so now i might use it for halloween (no one is to old for free candy)
Just one question,how did you reinforce it? I might do the same thing.
The swords in the game occasionally have sparks zap from one blade to the other, so i took 8 or so ladder connectors and snapped them into place on each blade, facing the other, in groups. Then, i connected them with a rod. <br><br>I can explain without pics, and I wrecked it a few years ago, so I hope my instructions were clear enough.
Very cool!
love it!!!
Tis my blade<br>
also 4x green rods.
how do you like mine???<br />
yea looks good!!! best 1 i think but (the dreaded but) i made 1 that might just do well against ever1 elses
Nice, very sturdy. A lot better than noskid's.
hellchild's is the best
very simple i will build it even though i have never seen bendy small rods
love it!!!!!!!!!!! it's awsome thxs so much iv'ebeen looking for one that's reall sturdy
Very nice. Looks realistic.
Pretty sweet.... I think I might just build it......
that looks close!

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