Easy Knex Pistol





Introduction: Easy Knex Pistol

This pistol is easy to build. It is powerful for it's small size. This is my first instructable. This gun shoots about 25 feet.

Step 1: Pieces Required

Easy to build. 7 red connectors. 6 Grey. 4 yellow. 1 orange. 4 yellow rods. 7 blue rods. 1 green rod.

Step 2: Barrel

Easy to build

Step 3: Grips

These are comfortable grips.

Step 4: Firing Pin

Easy to build

Step 5: Final Assembly

Hook the rubber band on the front grip. If yopu have a big rubber band, you can wrap it around.

Step 6: Complete

Easy to Build. I hope you like this pistol. Please tell me if you have any mods.



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how do u shoot it

I have a mod I took off the front handle. I also added a thing on the back that that makes the firing pin more stable

mod 001.jpgmod 002.jpg

 i have a mod is a clip

Kewl can you please post? i have tried to make  a clip but it blew up and ammo went everywhere   -.-


here they are


dude905 i dont get it. can someone tell me how dude's mods make it safe?

i like this gun! i accidently shot my leg and it gave me bruse and it hurt

the garbage pickup is on mondays if you leave this outside it might get recognized

you just owned this gun big time... good job.