Picture of Easy Kool-aid Ice Cream
Such an easy way to make a fun treat for the kids. All you need is a large bowl, a spoon, a packet of Kool-aid, sugar, and milk... and of course a freezer.

Step 1: Kool-Aid

Picture of Kool-Aid
Open the packet and put the Kool-Aid powder into the bowl.
20kdk2 years ago
Ill try it soon
Galahir9505 years ago
Has anyone ever used skim milk and if so how did it turn out.
Browncoat5 years ago
Sounds good! Will have to try it. Any feel for what kind of milk works best? skim, 1%, 2%, whole...?
 whole milk would be the best but cream would work even better
sounds good now i can have kool-aid ice cream in orange and drink grape kool-aid as well.
jockstro5 years ago
This turned out pretty good but you need to catch it at the right time for it to be like ice cream.
u eva been to mexico we use gatorade in a baggie freeze in and it add a liitle gatorade in the baggie and sell it
l8nite5 years ago
this does sound like an ez tasty treat
jeff-o5 years ago
So... it doesn't end up being hard as a rock?
09hgutshall (author)  jeff-o5 years ago
I let mine that i just made in the freezer over night and its kind of like an italian ice texture when you scoop it out.. its not like creamy ICE CREAM and its not like an ice cube lol, its hard to explain.
I can kinda picture it, thanks. :)
09hgutshall (author)  jeff-o5 years ago
depends if you want it to. if you want it kinda soft, take it out right when it freezes and stir it up but if you do want it hard, then let it in for a while longer. i usually take mine out before its completely frozen. i dont even let it go that far lol.
I'd also really like to see pictures of you doing it! This seems like a pretty good idea, honestly. And I think it could lead to very tasty results!
scoochmaroo5 years ago
I'd love to see pictures of your process in this!