Picture of Easy LCD display With Arduino
In this instructable you will learn about how to make a LCD display with an arduino.

Thing you will need-:
1. 10 k potentiometer
2. Male header wired
3. jumper wires
4. Breadboard
5. Arduino(I used UNO r3)
6. Connection cable for arduino

Step 1:

Picture of
First Solder the given holes of the lcd with Male header pins so that your connection can be done
MOUNIKA DATTA6 months ago

is there anything else that I can use instead of potentiomenteer ??/

Yes, you can use a resistor for a set value! :)

Bonxin3 months ago

Hi! Im new to arduuino. I just got an Arduino uno R3. I have followed all the connection rules to connect an LCD but it would not display the hello world properly . All I'm getting is random numbers and symbol. Can anyone please help

Mayank3 (author) 1 year ago
AdioJack2 years ago
Do you mind if I ask something about your LCD?
Please do, it isn't in the Parts List
From the photo I can see it is 16 x 2 Characters, 8 x 5 pixels per character...
Does it use the HD44780 chip?
iApple guy2 years ago
Clean that board before you solder to it!
I don't have a lot experience in Soldering.
Would you mind if I ask what do you mean when you say clean that board before soldering?
I'd suggest reading through this, possibly buy a pcb and some LEDs and other various components to practice on.

Here is the link: