This is a simple color changing light that is great for kids and adults. Looks beautiful in a dimly lit room, great for the holidays, and makes a pretty cool night light.

Step 1: Materials

Glue Gun - We are using a low temperature glue gun. It hurts when the glue touches your skin but it does not burn your skin

3V Battery

Film Canister - With inside closing lid (Fuji style)


Two Magnets - One must have a hole in it and not be bigger then the battery. The other magnet must be small enough to fit into the lid of the film canister

All these parts can be bought off of e-bay. We will be selling kits at Cat's Science Club if interested.

<p>How long will the battery last?</p>
<p>The battery life varies. We have had them last just over a week when on constantly. They will last much longer if you only have them on when you are using them.</p>
I think it would be a good idea to specify a colour changing RGB LED because some people may think you are talking about a 4-pin RGB (which are more common). Also, great instructable!
<p>That looks really neat</p>
<p>Here is a short vid of me lighting up a slow change RGB with nothing more than a 3V button cell....</p>
<p>but why does it change color? is the voltage changing? or is it because the self induced magnetic field (due to the current flow) interacting with the voltage?</p>
<p>The led has a chip built into it that controls the color change.... You have to do nothing but be sure the polarity and voltage is correct... All the rest is automatic... Just be sure you get a SLOW CHANGE led... A fast change one will drive you crazy like police car flashing lights...</p>
<p>i think you have to use a color changing led</p>
I think I have to try this!
<p>Have you tried it yet? Pretty easy. We have had fourth graders build them :-) and they had very little trouble.</p>
I saw on cat's science club's Facebook page the video of these. Very very cool!!!!
<p>Glad you liked it!</p>
This is incredibly clever and the old canisters I had lying around are about to get turned into cute stocking stuffers! Thanks so much for the idea.
Made 52 of these in a few hours or less. I was playing with my phone too. ;-) <br> <br>How did yours turn out?
Very cool. I love the changing colors.
Thanks! It looks even better then the pics can show.

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