Hard Wired LED Cube: [No Programming]





Introduction: Hard Wired LED Cube: [No Programming]

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For the Step by Step Instructable: CLICK HERE

For the Step by Step Instructable:CLICK HERE

It Requires  >>>>> No <<<<< Programming , yes...... at last a simple yet effective led cube.
It is powered via USB and can fill up the room with a morphing aurora of colour.

It is just a cube structure soldered together with automatic colour changing LEDs .

For the Step by Step Instructable:CLICK HERE



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    will this work as well with slow changing leds
    Why didn't you use 5 layers

    hey i have built this and it works when i test it but when i connect the USB wire, a USB port wont light it up... i have used the same resister as you too. Any ideas?

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    Hey, I cannot say why it work with my usb port and not yours. I can only recommend using a 5V power adapter. Maybe you have hooked up the usb with the wrong polarity or wrong pins?

    Please Tell me one thing .....
    Usb Cable Provides around 5 volts (i've already made a USb FAn)
    so how can it light so many LeDS ...?? they would require a great amount of voltage ...i tried to make a light string with 9 v battery and 3 volt LED ... i could only connect 3-4 LEDs

    Go Daft Punk!!!

    Where can I buy the "programmed" LED? Any supplier in Europe? or worldwide shipping from USA?


    can someone like me who knows zero about electronics/programming/LED make this amazing instructables? honest question.

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    For an honest question, I give you a honest answer, YES. Just see my how to build page. the only skills needed are soldering skills and possibly wire/ metal work .

    i think im gonna try n do this.. but just lost my camera last week. (*nevermind that). but thanks.. im gonna seriously try this n see what the outcome is.. thank you!

    HAHAH <3 i was just going to ask the same thing! this thing is beautiful! i was going to ask..."say that someone doesn't follow directions...is this something that could be possible?" haha, most of this LED stuff looks like gibberish but i love everything that lights up!

    I have made a STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTABLE follow the link above !

    that's really cool, most likely if you shoved 2000 mA into it you'd either burn it out or the brightness would increase, or both! but i agree with H4T this needs an actual instructable dealing with how you actually built it!

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    Looks really sweet, but where's the Instructable? :( I'd really like to find out more about how you created the animations without programming - do you have schematics for an analog circuit? And how did you power it using only USB? I thought USB could only give about 500mA of current, and each of those LEDs look pretty bright, so it must be drawing a bit more than that!

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    Thanks, there are no animations all leds change on there own. They are automatic colour changing leds see link above. After a few minutes of operation the all end up out of time. That is what gives it the random pattern, because it is random.

    The leds are all in parallel. It should draw 2000mA but it still works via usb at only 500mA. The orange track on the jig shown in the video is to show you the direction the bend the led pins. So following the spiral pattern is a 5V rail and a 0V rail mad up of the led legs them selfs all soldered together