Hard Wired LED Cube: [No Programming]





Introduction: Hard Wired LED Cube: [No Programming]

For the Step by Step Instructable: CLICK HERE

For the Step by Step Instructable:CLICK HERE

It Requires  >>>>> No <<<<< Programming , yes...... at last a simple yet effective led cube.
It is powered via USB and can fill up the room with a morphing aurora of colour.

It is just a cube structure soldered together with automatic colour changing LEDs .

For the Step by Step Instructable:CLICK HERE



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    will this work as well with slow changing leds
    Why didn't you use 5 layers

    hey i have built this and it works when i test it but when i connect the USB wire, a USB port wont light it up... i have used the same resister as you too. Any ideas?

    Hey, I cannot say why it work with my usb port and not yours. I can only recommend using a 5V power adapter. Maybe you have hooked up the usb with the wrong polarity or wrong pins?

    Please Tell me one thing .....
    Usb Cable Provides around 5 volts (i've already made a USb FAn)
    so how can it light so many LeDS ...?? they would require a great amount of voltage ...i tried to make a light string with 9 v battery and 3 volt LED ... i could only connect 3-4 LEDs

    Go Daft Punk!!!

    Where can I buy the "programmed" LED? Any supplier in Europe? or worldwide shipping from USA?


    can someone like me who knows zero about electronics/programming/LED make this amazing instructables? honest question.

    For an honest question, I give you a honest answer, YES. Just see my how to build page. the only skills needed are soldering skills and possibly wire/ metal work .

    i think im gonna try n do this.. but just lost my camera last week. (*nevermind that). but thanks.. im gonna seriously try this n see what the outcome is.. thank you!

    HAHAH <3 i was just going to ask the same thing! this thing is beautiful! i was going to ask..."say that someone doesn't follow directions...is this something that could be possible?" haha, most of this LED stuff looks like gibberish but i love everything that lights up!