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Welcome to my Easy LED Flashlight

What do I need?
(1) LED Light--White or Blue. Make sure that on the box it says 3 Volts or more.
(1) AA Battery Holder
(1) 9 Volt Battery Clip
(2) AA Batteries
(1) Altoids Case, Chewing Gum
(1) Push button switch with two leads on the bottom.

Purpose- The purpose of this project is to make an easy, affordable, AA battery LED Flashlight. The light is good for little nooks and crannys, and also for finding your wa around the house at night.

Step 1: Drilling hole for Pushbutton and LED

Picture of Drilling hole for Pushbutton and LED
Ok, so this is an easy step.

First, with a Sharpie marker, draw a dot where you want to put your Push button and your LED. On my Altoids Flashlight, I put my light on the front, and the PB (Pushbutton) switch on the top.

Take a drill, and drill the holes to size. Make one hole, check it, and then make it bigger if it is needed.

I used a Dremel tool to drill the hole, but you can also easily use a drill.

It cannot be that hard.
chuckr443 years ago
You don't have a resistor so the 4.5v LED just blew from giving it 9v.
cry_wolf7 years ago
I want to make this project so badly, but i don't have a soldering iron...
radioshack sells a soldering kit for about $10
Brennn10 (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
You don't necessarily need a soldering iron, you can try twisting the wire around the leads.
nodoubtman3 years ago
why a 9V battery when you can use a 3 v battery with a protective resistor?

to find the proper resistor the formula is this one :
9V - (voltage of your led) / (led intensity in A)

One suggestion is add a Resistor so you don't blow the LED just place one between the positive on the battery and LED.
Here's a proper schematic with protective resistor, feel free to add it to your instructable.
lawizeg6 years ago
You should add a resistor.
pyro man6 years ago
ok,you lost me. the nine volt clip is suppossed to clip onto the AA battery holder?!?!!?!?!?!
well ''excuse'' me but iv never seen a battery holder like that
all I did was answer your question! man its true! You get jealous way to easy
jealous? how i that jealous? and i was joking anyway. you care '''WAY''' too much
Nope...not really I just answered your Q and you went off like I was yelling at you
w/e have you seen a battery holder like that?
radioshack sells them
haha! lol well...yo!
hold on! wtf do you mean its true?
Its true that you get jealous easy!
Coonie7 years ago
great Instructable! but its kind of harder than it should be to figure out. try searching "altoids led flashlight" and click the first one. its a little more easy to figure out and it was my first ever led project and it was sooooo fun!
pyro man Coonie6 years ago
umm... *walks away*
xproplayer7 years ago
what is the next best place to get all this rather than ripoff shack locally in boise idaho
finnster7 years ago
where do u by buttons /switches
Brennn10 (author)  finnster7 years ago
Sadly, I had to buy them from Radioshack. But any online store will also have these supplies.
olvegrn7 years ago
People love mine! I have made 3 so far. one is just a single blue LED with resistors of course, and the other ones are double LED ambers with resistors of course. THANKS FOR THE FUN!
Brennn10 (author)  olvegrn7 years ago
AWESOME!!! Glad to hear it!
i am 17 i don't have a credit card and Radioshack is a block away i don't have to wait for them to be shipped
Brennn10 (author)  theatre_tech_guru7 years ago
Ohh, I see. You should get a Wachovia Visa Buxx card. It is for teenagers, and your parents can upload your allowance onto the card. You can use it anywhere. I love mine.
i don't have an allowance but hopefully i am getting a job at radioshack soon i go for my interview on monday
Brennn10 (author)  theatre_tech_guru7 years ago
Good Luck man, if you are hired, you will get discounts on everything!
it would make my wallet happier since i am broke and it would make my parents happier because i would have finally got a job so i can pay for gas for the truck i will be driving.
Radioshack is all we have in canyon country so leave it alone
Brennn10 (author)  theatre_tech_guru7 years ago
Why don't you order from the internet? That was what I was referring to. I have yet to find a store near my home that sells LED at bulk.
Brennn10 (author)  theatre_tech_guru7 years ago
Radioshack is a joke compared to other electronic component dealers. I bet somewhere else, I could find 10 of those for that price.
they sell LED'S with resistors.
Brennn10 (author)  theatre_tech_guru7 years ago
With resistors already soldered on? Hmm, I never seen those. Could you post a link?
would it work if the pushbutton has two PRONGS instead of two leads please answer
Brennn10 (author)  HIGHVOLTAGE-Z8 years ago
Are they the same thing?
hey gobob29 how did you make yours? please reply
Thanks so much!!! I made one for my Mom as a birthday present. I really liked gobob29's (I think. The link was broken, so I assume it was gobob29's) idea to have 2 LED's and 2 switches. Mine has blue and white. She'll really like it for navigating the house at night.
Ian018 years ago
How did you collaborate with yourself!?
Brennn10 (author)  Ian018 years ago
Do you wanna know "how" i did it or "why" I did it?
Ian01 Brennn108 years ago
Brennn10 (author)  Ian018 years ago
Well when you go to collaberate at the end of your instructable, you can collaberate with groups and users. Click users, and type your name in. I guess its as easy as that.
Ian01 Brennn108 years ago
but why?
Brennn10 (author)  Ian018 years ago
i did it by accident.
gobob298 years ago
i made a easier one
Picture 020.jpg
gobob29 gobob298 years ago
jknight8 years ago
i like this very much i think it was a great idea and try puting two lights on it and two switches one for a colored light and the other for the white light.
theHankster8 years ago
Nice work! I made a similar one recently with a 9v and 3 leds in parallel (each with its own resistor). Very bright! I used a little bit of silicon to locate the battery so that it wouldn't slide around in the tin. (I didn't have a snap connector at the time, so I just soldered the leads directly to the battery. Keep up the good work! - Henry
Brennn10 (author) 8 years ago
I have not tried any resistors. I was shooting for a way to do it without resistors to make it easier on some people. But LED's can last a VERY long time.
acaz938 years ago
A Favorite Classic Nice Explanation 'Later
jeffreyf8 years ago
Excellent. Have you tried different resistors, to see if you can extend battery life or bulb performance?