this is a fairly simple design for a lego ipod dock that fits most ipods. this design was actually hodge-podged from peices laying around so most of them can be substituted to make it sturdier.

Step 1: Parts

you will need the following LEGO peices.

1x "8x8" THIN base
2x "2x6" THIN brick
5x "2x4" THIN brick***
2x "1x1" THIN dot brick"
1x "1x6" THIN brick***
6x "2x2" regular or slanted brick (i used slanted)
1x "2x4" regular brick
3x "1x4" regular brick
1x "1x8" regular brick
2x "1x6" regular brick
1x specialty fence brick or 1x4 THIN brick... either work

and will also need the followng

1x "iPod dock cable
2x folded paper (these can be made easily with a little trial and error)
1x zip-tie

*** these i actually used different parts for... i listed the ones that would make it the most sturdy***
instead of using paper use these it doesnt topple at all
 you don't have to do that any more, the new dock connectors don't have release buttons.
yeah, i don't like them very much. they come out too easily when i'm using it as a cable, and stick too much when they're in a dock =/
 Brilliant instructable! It helped a lot. Protonrules is right.
 BTW, great instructable, helped alot =D

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