Introduction: Easy Lady Gaga Style Sunglasses

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Don't know what to do with your old sunglasses?Or you want to have Lady Gaga glasses? Here's how to make your dream come true!
Take old sunglasses, a bunch of cut-glass crystals and super glue.

Step 1: It's All About the Glue

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Take the crystals one by one and glue them to the sunglasses until you cover all glass.

Step 2: More Crystals

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I must admit that I ran out of crystals right in the middle of work, so I have only one glass covered. But it still looks crazy enough.
So make sure that you have enough crystals!


happyjo (author)2011-02-21

Hee-hee:Yay! It looks even groovier with one side with crystals! :D

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