Introduction: Easy Large Sized Whiskey Ice Cubes

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Having enjoyed a good whiskey for a while I recently discovered the joy of large sized ice cubes in a good whiskey! They melt much more slowly leaving but a hint of water in your whiskey.  After visiting a friend with a fancy large size ice cube maker I wondered what it would take to make a sweet giant icecube.

And this is the solution... a small sized solo cup!

Step 1: Solo Cups

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get a few small sized, 8 ounce cups.

Step 2: Fill to the L

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The l on the inside of the cup is a good fill marker for water.

Step 3: Freeze It!

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Yep just put it in the freezer... right next to your frozen chicken nuggets!

Step 4: Enjoy

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Running a bit of hot water on the end of the cup helps release the cube from the cup. Then just pop it in your glass and enjoy.


munkey906 (author)2013-10-31

oh nice! totally going to try boiling my water!

emikayee (author)2013-10-26

If you boil your water before filling your solo cup you'll have crystal clear ice.
Try it!

tsturtevant (author)2013-10-25

Whoa. Genius. Red solo cup.

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