Picture of Easy Large Sized Whiskey Ice Cubes
Having enjoyed a good whiskey for a while I recently discovered the joy of large sized ice cubes in a good whiskey! They melt much more slowly leaving but a hint of water in your whiskey.  After visiting a friend with a fancy large size ice cube maker I wondered what it would take to make a sweet giant icecube.

And this is the solution... a small sized solo cup!

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Step 1: Solo Cups

Picture of Solo Cups
get a few small sized, 8 ounce cups.

Step 2: Fill To The L

Picture of Fill To The L
The l on the inside of the cup is a good fill marker for water.

Step 3: Freeze It!

Picture of Freeze It!
Yep just put it in the freezer... right next to your frozen chicken nuggets!

Step 4: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
Running a bit of hot water on the end of the cup helps release the cube from the cup. Then just pop it in your glass and enjoy.
munkey906 (author) 1 year ago
oh nice! totally going to try boiling my water!
emikayee1 year ago
If you boil your water before filling your solo cup you'll have crystal clear ice.
Try it!
Whoa. Genius. Red solo cup.