Picture of Easy Leather Bracelet

This instructable is about how to create a simple and nice leather bracelet.

It was the first time I worked with leather, so I decided to create a leather bracelet because it is simple and doesn't require a lot of time or money. I also have other projects using leather, it's why I bought a couple of special tools, but you can do without. Just be creative and have fun !

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials

- A small piece of leather - I used leather offcuts because it’s very cheap (around 2€ in France)

- Transparent glue (I used an old one I found in a drawer, initially for plastic, but any other type will be ok).

- Scissors

(From left to right on the picture)

- Two needles and solid thread (mind was linen thread)

- Awl to drill holes for the thread, or anything else with a point around two times the size of your thread

- Wing divider to mark the location of the holes. You can do without, it just help to obtain a regular sewing. I’ve heard that you also can do that with a fork, but I never tried.


its prigweat

sabu.dawdy1 year ago

very neat. and I love the way u sew it. happyyy...

hunter9991 year ago

Wow, this is very nice and neat!! :D If you want me to check through this, send me a PM - I will be happy to help! :-)