Easy Lip Gloss - With Only Two Ingredients!





Introduction: Easy Lip Gloss - With Only Two Ingredients!

 Lip gloss is great, it makes your lips moisturised, shiny and pleasantly smelly!

When you run out, your not always 5 mins walk from the supermarket.

So you make your own...

With only two ingredients (well, and two optional ones)

Sorry about the small pictures...

Step 1: Supplies

 - Glacé cherries - nice colour, nice taste

 Vaseline - or any other brand petroleum jelly.

Vanilla Essence - Optional, but great.

- Glitter - Again, optional, but not great

Step 2: Let's Get Mushy...

 Start with some glacé cherries for colour.

Pour some into a bowl and mash them into a paste using a fork.

Step 3: Add the Base...

 Next, add in a dollop of petroleum jelly (as your base ingredient), and get mixing!

There isn't really any measurements...

Step 4: Flavouring...

For flavouring, a couple of drops of vanilla essence are just the job.

Mix again!

Step 5: Glitter It Up...

 And for a finishing touch, add in some very fine glitter.

And then – you guessed it – mix away! It’s important you mix until it’s all very smooth – you don’t want lumpy lip gloss!

Step 6: Make It Look All Professional...

Fill a lip gloss container with your mixture and put it in the fridge for three to four hours.

Step 7: Finally...

 When it comes out of the fridge, it’s ready for you to test!


Step 8: Don't Be Scared Now...

 You can experiment with other ideas – apricots will give you an orange colour, and peppermint essence will give a lovely minty taste.



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    Just found this online, may help?

    "I think the essence and extract should be fairly interchangable. When I've brought back flavourings labelled 'essence' from Barbadoes and opened them, they seem to be alcohol based and about the strength I would associated with extract.

    Oil is much stronger and you start with a drop or two, tasting as you go along until you get the flavour you are after. Of course this is a bit difficult with caramel as it is generally pretty hot at this point. With my standard batch of caramel I think I add about 5 drops of peppermint oil to get just a nice warm minty flavour. "


    I really love this idea :) I'll be experimenting with flavorings [and avoid color as nothing looks good on me, haha] :D

    -Why? Protroleum jelly is practicallly made for lips and is found inEVERY lip gloss

    -glace cherries are found in cooking so whats wrong with it?


    [From Wikipedia]: It is edible in small quantities, and can be used as an intestinal lubricant or laxative. But petroleum jelly (that didn't meet refining standards) was banned by the European Union because of carcinogen contamination that was linked to cancer.

    And an explanation of what it is: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-petroleum-jelly.htm

    It's not like a small amount will kill you, but it is NOT and edible product. Basically don't eat the whole container and you should be fine ;)

    Are glace cherries the same as Maraschino cherries? I could do this if so..

    i am not very sure wehther it will be al long lastin recipe...cause vaseline comes off very soon ...............(i use it frequently on my lips)

    Why are the pictures small?


     not allowed to answer that, sorry...