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Here I am giving some instructions how to make a star fruit

Step 1:

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For this I am using-card paper, styrofoam, glue , sccisor, pencil, eresar, sharper, elastic rope

Step 2:

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at first fold the card paper and draw a star on it.Then cut it.You can have so many stars at once by this trick
Then fold the stars on its middle.

Step 3:

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put some glue on it and attach them with another stars

Step 4:

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Now take the elastic rope and put some glue on it.Then attach it with the star fruit

Step 5:

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Now take a styrofoam and with the help of glue attach it with the star fruit


KVSBUNNY (author)2016-02-14

Looks cool! Might save this idea for the 2016 christmas craft. do you put a bead between each layer of star? Four stars per 'fruit'?

mchowdhury mumu (author)KVSBUNNY2016-02-14

no 5 stats 1 fruit.

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