Easy Mario ? Box Lamp Shade





Introduction: Easy Mario ? Box Lamp Shade

Show that you're a fan of Mario with your very own tissue paper Mario lamp shade!

Step 1: Get Materials

You Will Need

  • Flexible Wire
  • Yellow Tissue Paper
  • ? Mark Template
  • Lamp

Step 2: Make the Frame

The frame will need to be in the shape of a cube. Depending on the size of your lamp you can make the cube whatever size you need.(I made mine 10x10.)

Step 3: Make the Lightbulb Holder

Make a cross with wire across the top side of the cube.

Make sure that the wires on the top of the cube are secure.

Then fashion wire so it fits your light bulb snugly.

Then make two wires attach to the cross, and then attach them to the light bulb holder.

Step 4: Decorate the Sides

Use the tissue paper to cover the sides (except the top and bottom).
Then print out 4 of the ? templates, and glue them to the tissue paper.

Step 5: Put Your Shade on the Lamp

Put your newly made shade on your lamp!



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    what gauge wire do you suggest using?