Picture of Easy Marshmallow Shooter 2
This shooter is bigger, better, & has more features. It has a 6-round barrel, it's more complicated, & is alot of fun. So, let's get started! Please rate & comment! & comment when you rate! I wanna know how many stars you gave me.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
2 pieces of printer paper
Paper cutting tool (like the one in the picture) or scissors
Archer25001 year ago
how far does it shoot?
Archer25001 year ago
It would be really cool if it had pump action...
and if it was gold plated...
and if the marshmellows were on fire...

Just kiding!
but it would be awesome if it would have pump action on yyour 3rd marshmellow shooter, if your ever going to make it:)
rezdog2 years ago
I would recommend putting tape around the mouth part so it does not get soggy
legoman1113 years ago
i am going to make the diameter 1 in. now because i am making a pvc marshmallow shooter and the pvc pipe diameter is 1 in.
this thing is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna go nail my bro with it now thnx alot for this
CrayfishYAY (author)  averywilkins4 years ago
Thanks! I gotta rebuild mine. It's too small (I had no marshmallows when I did this) :(
if you need help,the correct size for those jet-puffed marshmallows (you should know what they are if you live in the U.S.) is one and one quarter inches.
CrayfishYAY (author)  legoman1114 years ago
Ok. Thanks! :D
cool, (i added this comment coz i felt bad due to the lack of comments)
But seriously it looks mad.