Picture of Easy Match Fuse
A very easy fuse using matches
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Stuff you need

(4) Match books (I use them because they're cheep)
(1) small pan

Step 2: Match Heads

Picture of Match Heads
Cut off the match heads with the scissors

Step 3: Boil

Picture of Boil
Put the match heads in a little water and simmer stirring with a toothpick

Step 4: String

Picture of String
Run the string though the match soup to coat and lay on the wax paper

Step 5: Dry

Let the string dry simple

Step 6: Have fun

This fuse burns super slow like 1in a minute

Step 7: Faster fuse

For a faster fuse you can coat the fuse (when dry) with testors model glue let dry then light
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does any string workzzz and matches
does any string workzz???
mikeasaurus7 years ago
If you're going to use a gas burner, don't forget to make sure it's on an EXTREMELY low setting to avoid a potential flare up. Another (safer) option woul dbe an electric burner as there is no naked flame. The same applies though, low low LOW heat. Remember: You're not cooking, your just melting! Be safe everyone! Good instructable.
Would a flare up of the matches really be that big of a danger since they're in water?
Would you really want to chance it?
Yeah. They're match heads. It wouldn't be that big of a deal unless you're dumb enough to put something very flammable above the stove.
czenob (author)  Aar000n3y6 years ago
hey man i put ALCHOHOL on the stove LOL
I used White Vinegar for Black powder maybe this will work on soaking/Simmering the match heads? It evaporates FAST
i wouldnt sugest saying that to czenob great intructable
czenob (author)  grimstoner16 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Are you trying to act like a hippie?
czenob (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
This won't flare up because it is in fact n WATER sorry I did have a flare up once but i used alcohol in stead of water Thanks for the comments
Why the hell would you use booze everyone knows it lights on fire
czenob (author)  mitchell9319936 years ago
It's not booze really because id love to see someone drink rubbing alchohol
sometimes people drink mouthwash when they're an alcoholic with nothing else to drink. it's still alcohol, and they go through withdraw without it.
tyty100 czenob6 years ago
is alcohol better maybe making it a more rapid flame?
czenob (author)  tyty1006 years ago
The alchohol i tried in the burner was so i wouldn't have to wait as long for the fuse to dry BAAAAAAD idea the alchohol lit on fire so i put the lid on and let it burn out. As i said in the instructable testors modle glue works great for a flame alchohol would just evaporate. If i understood your comment right you wanted to put it on the outside?
tyty100 czenob6 years ago
no not on the outside then it would burn extremely fast
czenob (author)  tyty1006 years ago
oh ok then you wanted to use the alcohol in place of the water right? thats what I was talking about
i just soak string in tiki torch fuel works good but burns faster
Johan83354 years ago
I used White Vinegar for Black powder maybe this will work on soaking/Simmering the match heads? It evaporates FAST and NOT flameble
knex_mepalm5 years ago
Melt viagra on top ( seriously) it burns like death coming on to you.

Anyway, paper tissues make good fueses in most conditions and I made on to my home made firecracker made from matches and more matches...yay matches are fun!
Or you can just use the matches to light whatever you want to use. Pretty cool still.
point of fuses is when you light em they burn some time so you can hide or run
El Mano6 years ago
a) Is this a fuse you could store, say on a wooden spool or a stick without deteriorating, leaving match-chemicals everywhere, or spontaneously bursting into flame? b) I read an -ible on a fused match rocket that made a fuse like this. The author said that the "matchhead soup" smells awful when simmering. Is this true? I don't want my house smelling like who-knows-what.
El Mano El Mano6 years ago
I hate to double-post, but I forgot to ask: it makes sense that the more match-material on the string, the faster the fuse will burn. How much water and how many matchheads will I need per foot of string to make a fuse that will burn at one-to-two inches a minute?
because of the density, it should burn slower. like how a log will burn slower than a pine needle. if you soak it in yarn, i dont even know.
czenob (author)  El Mano6 years ago
this is for both posts Yes you can Store it for a while w/out it spontaneously combusting Smells slightly of sulfur but most stoves/ranges have a fan system like mine and that worked very well The water matchhead ratio doesn't matter The water should evaporate after about a day of drying
555mst5555 years ago
must i simmer it?......can i just leaeve the matches in the water un til everything comes off?
czenob (author)  555mst5555 years ago
actually i never thought about that. I only simmered it because it is way faster. I really don't think it matters.
hey....wait.....i'm not sure why i scraped all the stuff off the match heads.....but now it's in powder-ish form......and i think it would dissolve faster.......... oh ya....i remembered why i scraped it......coz i was using wooden matches....and the pile looked ugly to
Artanus5 years ago
Cool, I'll be sure to try this. I'v got big plans, involving low cost fuses.
ottboy875 years ago
why dont you boil the match heads outside on a grill or bon fire so it doesnt stink in the house?
czenob (author)  ottboy875 years ago
sounds good, but I made this instructable in the winter
frikkie6 years ago
you can also of coures shorten the fuse lenght to make it a faster fuse.Except if it like burns one inch a minute.Just idea that came up. But i defnetly gona try this.
Hi. I just got like 30 packets of paper matches from a garage sale, and I was wondering if this might work as an easy way of extracting the phosphorous off the heads? I was thinking I would put a bunch in, cook 'em for a bit, then remove the heads and let the 'soup' dry. I just don't wanna waste all the matches, have you tried anything like what I'm saying? Cheers.
It isnt phosphorous, its potassium chlorate. they discontinued use of white phosphorous a while ago due to phossy jaw and other phosphorous related diseases, and the reaction that the phosphorous had was pretty violent. Red phosphorous is used in the striker strips though.
Oh... well it still goes fizz when you burn it lol. I wonder if it would work for 'crippled' flash powder? I know its not perchlorate... but still?
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