Easy Match Fuse




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Introduction: Easy Match Fuse

A very easy fuse using matches

Step 1: Materials

Stuff you need

(4) Match books (I use them because they're cheep)
(1) small pan

Step 2: Match Heads

Cut off the match heads with the scissors

Step 3: Boil

Put the match heads in a little water and simmer stirring with a toothpick

Step 4: String

Run the string though the match soup to coat and lay on the wax paper

Step 5: Dry

Let the string dry simple

Step 6: Have Fun

This fuse burns super slow like 1in a minute

Step 7: Faster Fuse

For a faster fuse you can coat the fuse (when dry) with testors model glue let dry then light



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    If you're going to use a gas burner, don't forget to make sure it's on an EXTREMELY low setting to avoid a potential flare up. Another (safer) option woul dbe an electric burner as there is no naked flame. The same applies though, low low LOW heat. Remember: You're not cooking, your just melting! Be safe everyone! Good instructable.

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    Would a flare up of the matches really be that big of a danger since they're in water?

    Would you really want to chance it?

    Yeah. They're match heads. It wouldn't be that big of a deal unless you're dumb enough to put something very flammable above the stove.

    hey man i put ALCHOHOL on the stove LOL

    I used White Vinegar for Black powder maybe this will work on soaking/Simmering the match heads? It evaporates FAST

    i wouldnt sugest saying that to czenob great intructable

    This won't flare up because it is in fact n WATER sorry I did have a flare up once but i used alcohol in stead of water Thanks for the comments

    Why the hell would you use booze everyone knows it lights on fire

    It's not booze really because id love to see someone drink rubbing alchohol

    sometimes people drink mouthwash when they're an alcoholic with nothing else to drink. it's still alcohol, and they go through withdraw without it.

    is alcohol better maybe making it a more rapid flame?

    The alchohol i tried in the burner was so i wouldn't have to wait as long for the fuse to dry BAAAAAAD idea the alchohol lit on fire so i put the lid on and let it burn out. As i said in the instructable testors modle glue works great for a flame alchohol would just evaporate. If i understood your comment right you wanted to put it on the outside?

    no not on the outside then it would burn extremely fast

    oh ok then you wanted to use the alcohol in place of the water right? thats what I was talking about

    i just soak string in tiki torch fuel works good but burns faster

    I used White Vinegar for Black powder maybe this will work on soaking/Simmering the match heads? It evaporates FAST and NOT flameble