Introduction: Easy Match Waterproofing

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Following I am going to show you an easy way to waterproof your matches. Keeping matches dry can be a challenge, but with my instrucatable it should be easy.

what you need:



WARNING: fire is dangerous and can kill people. do this project outside on a driveway or anywhere similair to that

Here goes......

Step 1: Lighting the Candle

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Easy enough. Light your candle (make sure it is in a container) and wait. A while

Step 2: Water-proofing

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After enough of your candle has become liquid, take your matches and dip the heads in the melted wax. After that, let the matches dry. I dipped mine 5 times.

Step 3: Testing

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Next take your matches and dip them in water. Take them out, let them dry and scrape off the wax. It should light.

Thank you for reading my insructable. Please share what you think below. God bless


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Bio: I enjoy DIY and like sharing my ideas especially about survival.
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