Today you will learn how to make a Mausoleum prop for Halloween! It only takes a few hours and uses very little parts. This setup will allow full unobstructed use of the garage door.

When making Halloween props my 2 goals are;
1: It has to look big
2: It has to disassemble and fit into a small space.

This fits the build perfect! It's the size of my garage door and when I'm done it fits into a bag to be stored into the attic.

OK let's get started!

Step 1: Tools and Parts

Tools Needed:

Utility knife
Gorilla glue
Med paint brush

Parts needed:

White Styrofoam installation panels (found at your local hardware store)
Magnets of your choice (I used ones I found at the local hardware store) 
Large letter stencils 
Grey spray paint 
Black latex paint

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