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In this video tutorial I will show you how to make pretty nice looking paper airplane using only one sheet of paper.


Be precise or else you wont get right form of plane on the end and it will not fly nice.

If your plane just keep front flip/turns down,you just need to curve the end of tail up, so it got the pressure on the end which will cause the airplane to rise up.

To make this plane more tougher, you can do next: put the stick for BBQ in the bottom of the plane (handle) until it reach top of the nose. Then you have a staunch supporter for the nose and the rest of plane.

When throwing, it is desirable to put a forefinger on beginning of the holder so that it could have faster ejection.

Keep in mind that you most probably will have some problems with adjusting the aerodynamic form, be patient and good luck. :)


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