Step 2: Prep Fillings

Choose your favorite fillings!

For these beauties, I chose bacon, scallions, tomatoes, and parmesan.  Cook anything that might need it before putting it into the quiche.

The custard filling was made using:
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups milk or half and half (or blend)
  • Salt & pepper
  • Pinch of fresh ground nutmeg
Whisk these ingredients together.
<p>The quiches did not come out of the muffin tins. I buttered and floured the tin but I had to pry them out with a frosting spreader, place on a cookie sheet and continue to brown. I would recommend using non stick muffin tins or using paper cups to cook these in. Barely saved them! </p>
Oh no! Yes, non-stick is the key. Sorry to hear about your tins :(
<p>this recipe did not work out very well. The pie crusts stick even though muffin tins were sufficiently greased and the pie crust is almost virtually un-recognizable after cooked. I think the pie crusts should be par baked once fitted into the tins, maybe then they would have somewhat of a pie crust like texture to them. Also, not enough egg in recipe and you should use half and half or heavy cream and milk not just milk. </p>
Just tried making these with croissant rolls, they turned out fantastic!
<p>Thanks! Two questions: (1) are your muffin tins full-sized or miniature? and (2) how many does this make? My wife looks forward to making this (and she is a brilliant quiche-maker (quicharista?)). Thanks again.</p>
<p>soooooooooo good! Best quiches ever! </p>
<p>thanks for putting in stage 4---- came out great</p>
<p>how long should they bake and at what temp</p>
You can omit the dough and use stove top stuffing instead just mix as directed and press Into muffin tins onto bottom and up sides to form a cup shape.
Help! I'm a little confused. Mini muffin tin not regular size, correct? And how many does this recipe make? I would love to make for Christmas breakfast!
These are regulation muffin size, and it made 12. For mini muffins, you can easily get 24!
I can't wait to try these!
I just made these tonight for my family. Going into the over I was a bit skeptical, but they turned out great! (I've never made quiche before tonight) I uses Pillsbury pie crust in place of your homemade recipe though. Five stars!
indeed: mmmmmmmmmh!
These look great! Seems like it would be perfect make ahead sort of thing for brunch with company.
On a scale of easy, such that 1 is the highest and 10 the lowest, how easy is it?
Skip the crust, and it's a solid 3.5. With the crust/filo, I'd take it up a point.
Thanks Scoochmaroo!
Umm....the only easier thing would be buy it already made at the store. This is pretty simple.
Nutmeg? That's different.<br><br>Looks delicious!

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