Picture of Easy Model Horse Holder
horseholder 003.jpg
Use common materials and household items to make a quick, cheap, easy holder for model horses. This holder will prevent tipping/falling/dominoes while on display at home or at shows and protect your ponies from rubs. This instructable could be adapted for all sizes but here I am making ones for Micro Minis/Mini Whinnies and for Stablemates/Chips. You can customize your holder for model size, number of "stalls," and colors.

You will need:
a piece of wood large enough for your chosen models to stand on
fabric scraps (some thicker material, some thinner/stretchy)
a glue gun and/or sewing materials
nails of various sizes, depending on size of models
a hammer
a ruler
cardboard (for larger model sizes)
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Step 1: Cover the base with fabric

Picture of Cover the base with fabric
Choose a piece of thin and/or stretchy fabric to cover the wood base. I suggest thin and/or stretchy fabric because you want to retain the straight, even nature of the wood to encourage your horses stand up on their own. Save the thick, textured stuff for the "stall" divisions.

Cut out enough fabric to cover the top and sides of the wood. Place the wood face down on top of the fabric. Put a line of glue along the edges of the bottom and attach the fabric. Make sure the glue dries flat so that the board will be level. One way to achieve this is to glue and then flip the wood over and weight it.

(This step could probably be done by a staple gun, sewing, or other ingenious method. I just happen to have a glue gun).

To fasten the edges of the fabric, fold it as you would gift wrap and glue down. (You can see this better in the larger scale photo with the white fabric).
UniKitty755 days ago
GASP are those Minnie whinnies?
I love breyer
Shibian4 years ago
OMG SOOOO COOL! I made one with 6 stalls/places for my stablemates [which, was exactly how many i needed and didn't know it] and it only took me about an hour or less because the nails kept getting loose. I will post pic[s] when I take them! :3 ~Lauren [The base is blue and the walls are white. White=pants, blue= shirt. :3]
My mom threw away my horse models (>.<)
ChrysN6 years ago
A great way to show off your horses which are really cute by the way.