I started this project because I wanted an affordable bench/entryway table for my front door and didn't like anything I found in stores in my price range.  It's so easy to make and the materials are pretty affordable, too!

Heavily inspired by the tutorials at http://homemade-modern.com/

Step 1: Materials

Power drill (or just a hand screwdriver if the wood's soft and/or you're a boss)
Staining pad (if you decide to stain the wood)

1 - 2" x 12" x whatever length you need.  Most hardware stores will custom cut the lumber for you.  I bought a whitewood softwood board and had it cut to 45"

8 - 1/2" Black iron floor flange**
4 - 1/2" Black iron tee fitting
8 - 1/2" Black iron 12" nipple
2 - 1/2" Black iron 5 1/2" nipple

16 - black wood screws

Wood stain of your choosing (I used Minwax in mahogany)
Polyurethane or lacquer of your choosing
Felt pads to protect wood floors

**According to Home Depot's website, they stock black iron floor flanges.  I bought all my materials at Lowe's and was told floor flanges only exist in galvanized iron so I spray painted the silver to black.

<p>What a simple and fantastic idea! With a bit of ingenuity you can make tables and other such like stuff to fit just about anywhere, thank you for getting my mind racing - oh well looks like a house of &quot;black pipes&quot; coming up! </p>
Looks great! Any idea on the dimensions tho?
<p>Simplistic, looks super strong! Would out live us! well done!</p>
Looks good. Really like the pic of it in front of the railing, they match a bit :)

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