Picture of Easy Money for Teens
Hey, all teens are brushing up for as much cash as they can round up. I would know; I am a teenager right now. In this instructable I am going to post all of the ways I have found to make profits from simple things to advanced things.

Step 1: Save your Money

Picture of Save your Money
Obviously, the fastest and easiest way to make money, is to take money, fold it up, and put it back in your pocket. If you never buy what you don't need, you will find you have much more money on the stuff you "need". Like that new PSP, that's an essential... right?

But I hear ya, read on for real ways to make money.
Nice instructable man.
Cyclone17642 years ago
i sometimes steal peoples locker padlocks and clip em to my belt, and charge a fiver for em back......
Maybe you could make an instructable on how to jailbreak iPods, haha that'd sure get lots of people follow you
lemonie3 years ago
The fastest and easiest way to make money, is not to take money, fold it up, and put it back in your pocket. - You still have the same amount of money.

How much "a little initial input of cash" is needed to take the certification class? Bearing in mind your earlier zero bucks a weekend (huh?) to pay for it?

pfred2 lemonie3 years ago
A penny saved is a penny earned. --Benjamin Franklin
lemonie pfred23 years ago
That refers to efficiency-saving, not simply the act of holding on to money.

pfred2 lemonie3 years ago
Does it? I suppose everything is open to your interpretation. Shame none of the rest of us get to participate.
Kiteman lemonie3 years ago
In the UK, a basic refereeing course starts at around £100 for the first stage, plus £44 for the compulsory CRB check.

There are three compulsory stages before becoming qualified to referee for money, which together take almost a whole soccer season.

Refereeing, in the UK, is not something done for the money.
Kiteman3 years ago
"Selling stuff" the way you describe is pretty short-sighted. You soon run out of "stuff" to sell via ebay and garage sales, and dealing candy tends to get you suspended from a lot of schools.

Seriously, you should have read the various "how to make money" topics in the forums before posting this - they contain a lot more ideas that are a lot more useful.

(Oh, and can we assume that you have permission to use all those googled photos?)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
I also made lots of money catering on the weekends. You don't have to commit to a specific schedule, and you don't need a lot of experience to get started!