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My boys and I recently made some clay monsters together. This was a great project to introduce them to sculpting and painting, and it got them out of their mom's hair for a few hours.

When doing creative projects with kids, it's important for adults to let the kids do their own work and not worry too much about what the kids' finished products look like. Your goal should be to help them experience the challenge and joy that comes from successfully making something.

I made the little green monster with the bright red lips. The yellow and orange ones were made by my boys, ages 5 and 7.

I'll show you how we made them, and share a few tips that will hopefully help you and your kids have a good experience making some, too.
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Step 1: Draw up some ideas

Picture of Draw up some ideas
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To begin, I had my kids draw some monsters they thought would be fun to make out of clay.

I told them that the best part about making monsters is that there aren't any rules, so you can make them any way you want. Ultimately, they went with familiar human-shapes, which I'm guessing is typical for a child's first monster sculpture. We'll get a little more crazy next time.

Step 2: Prepare armatures

Picture of Prepare armatures
Based on their drawings, I helped them bend wire to create "skeletons" (armatures) for their monsters. Aluminum foil was used for the head of one of their monsters, and for the body of the little monster I was making for myself.

Step 3: Build clay onto armatures

Picture of Build clay onto armatures
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We used Sculpey oven-bake clay. You can get it at craft stores and Walmart.

I showed the kids how to knead it in their hands to warm it up, and how to apply it in pieces to their monsters' skeletons.

Step 4: Model and shape, then bake

Picture of Model and shape, then bake
With the skeletons covered in clay, I encouraged my kids to model and shape their monsters with their fingers. On my own little monster I showed them how you can use sculpting tools to make more intricate details and shapes.

When they were satisfied with the shapes of their monsters, we baked them in the oven.
happyjo3 years ago
These are awesome! :D
james43 years ago
i mean uh first
james43 years ago
i was bored and looking around and i thought omg that fist one is kinda scary O_O
ynze3 years ago
Real monsters! Wow!
Ninzerbean3 years ago
These are great!
seamster (author)  Ninzerbean3 years ago