Introduction: Easy Mouse Clean Up

First off I hate having to kill mice but I live in the country they carry disease and will damage your home somethings you have to do, also I have tried the live catch traps and they just don't work. I though everyone knew how to catch and dispose of a dead mouse in a trap but I was wrong I was at a friends house the other day and was ask if I would mind carrying off a dead mouse in a trap . Best way I have found to use mouse traps.

Step 1: What You Need

You need a paper lunch bag mouse trap and a knife.

Step 2: Bag the Trap

Slide the set trap into lunch bag trigger side towards bag opening almost all the way to back of bag using a knife square your bag best as possible.

Step 3: Pick Up and Place Trap

Pick up trap use care that trap dose not move around put were you know they travel or were you find there droppings don't try to save the trap just chuck trap remember mice are full of disease.


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Bio: I'm 64 if there is something I can share that will work for someone else COOL!
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