Easy Muslim Friendly Nailpolish!!





Introduction: Easy Muslim Friendly Nailpolish!!

In Islam your not allowed to put nail polish  because when you have to make wudu or wash up before you pray you cant wash your nails cuz nail polish is waterproof.So this is just something i thought about and it really looks like the real thing! All you do is use any metallic markers to color your nails. I used prang markers because it looks great and it is non toxic and washes off real easy.For me silver looks best but maybe thats because my markers are a year old , fresh markers should look good in any color.The best part is that you can make wudu before putting it on and if you need to make it again just wash off the polish when you are making wudu and apply a fresh coat after wards.This is also my first intructable so plz bear with me.

Step 1: Just Draw on the Nails

Carefully use the tip of the marker to cover the nail in strait lines starting from the bottom going to the tip of the nail.

Step 2: Looking Good

Let it dry for a few seconds but if you take your time they will dry as you color the other nails.Sorry but my little sister was the only person i could find to model even if she could work on her pose :(.

Step 3: If You Want to Wash It Off

If required you can wash it off, it will dry hard and wont rub off but if you wash with water and a little soap it comes right off.

Step 4: All Gone and Ready to Make Wudu

Once it's off you are good to go, finish washing up and apply another coat later. For best results apply one coat let dry and apply a second coat. If you smudge it on your finger just rum with a cloth or another finger, to finish it off wipe the sides of your nail with a cotton swab but hey its all optional. So there you go Muslim girls fear not for now you can still have beautiful nails with the fuss of nail polish remover.



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    10 Discussions

    Thank u fonzuzu I am Muslim 2 great Idea though

    no, i've never found a decent marker that was thin enough for it. If you can find one though, you could try. I'd love to see any designs you come up with.

    That's actually a pretty good idea! I'm muslim and sometimes dont put on nail polish just because I know I won't have time to take it off using nail polish remover so this could be pretty useful. Thanks :)

    1 reply

    Thanks , you know different companies have different colors with different looks on ur nails, so there's really a pretty wide range for muslims who dont want to miss out on nail polish.

    Hi! This is pretty cool!

    As someone who doesn't know much about Islam, I'd like to see you add a little bit of information about what it is to your instructable. I looked it up online, but as many people who read this aren't Islam, it would be neat if you could just explain what that is in your instructable.

    Thanks for the post!

    1 reply

    oh ok, well in islam ,before you pray you have to be clean, u do this by washing yourself with water in a certain manner called wudu. Once you wash you don't have to wash again unless you use the bathroom (which u wash for anyway ) ,so when you put nail polish you cant wash your nails cuz nail polish is waterproof, and your nails are still dirty.So most muslims dont bother to put it on only to take it off every other hour. Or they apply the nail polish before washing and try not to go to the bathroom too much. So i hope that cleared it up and thanks for the comment!

    being a guy, i don't see myself ever using this; but that was an interesting insight into your religion. i didn't realise that even nail polish would have to be washed off. thank you for sharing.

    thanx this is my first insrtuctable so your my first comment ever :)