Easy My Little Pony Costume for Adults and Kids!

Picture of Easy My Little Pony Costume for Adults and Kids!
An easy way to make a My Little Pony costume for adults and kids using a hoodie and fleece.  This tutorial is how to make a Rainbow Dash costume, but you can easily modify the steps to make any My Little Pony!

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Step 1: Get Started!

Picture of Get Started!
Step One:  Gather Your Materials!
You'll need a hoodie in your chosen pony's color, fleece for the mane and tail, felt for the ears and cutie mark and some craft foam for the wings.  Other useful things to have on hand are fabric glue, paper and a marker.

Step 2: The Mane

Picture of The Mane
Gather your fleece.  Seperate half of the fleece for your mane and half for your tale.  Cut the fleece into strips and line them up along the back of the hood.  

Step 3:

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Open up the fleece strips and pin them in place.  Next, sew the mane to the hood.

Step 4: The Tail

Picture of The Tail
Find the center back of the hoodie.  Sew the tail fleece strips to the bottom center of the back of the hoodie.

Step 5:

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Tie each of the mane strips into a knot.  This allows the mane to "stand up" a bit and hides your stitches.
 Next, braid the top of the tail.

Step 6: Ears

Picture of Ears
Time for the ears.
Cut two triangles out of blue fleece the size you'd like the pony ears to be.  Next, cut two slightly smaller triangles out of pink felt and sew (or glue) them inside the blue triangles.

Step 7:

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Fold an ear in half and sew a line angled from the center fold towards the lower corner.  This will help the ear to stand up.

Step 8:

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Place the ears onto the hoodie and sew them in place.

Step 9: Cutie Mark

Picture of Cutie Mark
Draw out your pony's cutie mark.  You can trace the image onto the fleece or felt, cut the colors out and glue the pieces together.

Step 10:

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Sew (or glue) the cutie mark to the back of the hoodie.

Step 11: Wings

Picture of Wings
Draw the wings and trace them onto your craft foam.  Cut the wings out.
Not that I'm into My Little Pony, but that's a great costume! You guys look great!
ERNesbitt1 year ago
Very nicely done. I'm working on a Big Mac hoodie for myself and another for my son (complete with Lion brand Fun Fur yarn for the mane). No tail, but I went with the dark background iron-on transfers for the cutie mark.
MayB (author)  ERNesbitt1 year ago
JKPieGuy1 year ago
WOW! I didn't expect this to be an instructable on the top pages of the site. Yet again, this is the internet.
Nice Job!!!

Now everyone can be 20% cooler (for all you Bronies out there)!
MayB (author)  JKPieGuy1 year ago
JKPieGuy MayB1 year ago
You're very welcome!
Now I hope that you and your child have a very fun, but safe Halloween! :)

(If you don't mind me suggesting something, a cute thing to do as like with a group of parents and their children would be to go as the WonderBolts.)
Or the CMC if there are only 3 of them!
Yeah, that would just be adorable! If I see anyone dressed up as ponies, they're getting extra Halloween candy for being just about "20 % cooler!"

(By the way, cool icon!)
What should I do if I want to attach unicorn horn?
MayB (author)  SuperMarioKingdom1 year ago
Great question!
If you make your horn out of fleece and stuff it, you can just hand sew it to the center front of the hoodie. You can also make a small horn out of air dry or oven bake clay and glue it on. But I don't reccomend that because you'll want to wash your hoodie at some point and a glued on horn won't wash very well!
Yay for everything with Rainbow Colors!!!
MayB (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you!!!
bob30301 year ago
Very nice. I like you choice of bright colors. It's always great when an adult (I'm assuming parent) joins in with the child in an activity. I think it means a lot to the child. Thanks for being awesome and thanks for posting.
MayB (author)  bob30301 year ago
Thanks! Our team name was "Rainbow Dashers" for a local Parent/Child adventure race in September. And now they'll be our Halloween costumes this October!
Sorunome1 year ago
This makes you 20% cooler, nice job!
MayB (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Haha! Thanks!
So cute! great job!
MayB (author)  fluffydragon1 year ago
Thank you!