Step 2: Tape

If you want a base coat, make sure to have it on and dried.  

Pull the tape from the sheet protector, this can be difficult, but don't worry too much.  Try to keep it from ripping too much, but a little won't hurt.  When applying the tape to your nail, try to insure the places that should be touching are.  In other words, make sure that any edges of ripped tape meet with the corresponding edges.
<p>SO clever! Doing THIS in less then an hour! (After I Christmas shop fro my mom lol)</p>
<p>You'll have to click on the image to see the whole thing. I designed this myself on the Nail Art Studio. http://chriscarlson.jamberrynails.net/nas </p>
<p>I know someone who says you can do this on the computer and they mail it to your house. You can make your own art online http://www.ChrisCarlson.JamberryNails.net/NAS/</p>
Oh, ok. I get it. Sorry. :P
....Why are we putting tape on the page protector stencil? Is this to make it stronger? If so, maybe clear packing tape might work better?
I dont understand how you did this, at all. I understand cutting out the shape from the sheet, but how did the hole/stencil get in the tape? Don't understand.
What a great idea! I really like the first picture on the last step, I think I want to try that (:
Very clever. The butterfly came out great!

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