Step 10: Added "no Inhale" Feature

Some people reading this might say "that's a cool idea - but I don't want my kid inhaling Nerf darts". Sooooo, I being a parent of young kids, had this same paranoid thought so I made an ANDIP "anti nerf dart inhaler piece" for this gun. Simply take an extra 1/2 coupler, drill a small hole and glue in a diagonal piece to block darts. Insert a dart into the barrel from the back of the gun then slip on the ANDIP - then blow real hard. The downside is that the ANDIP slows the loading process down but it does prevent darts going the wrong way.
<p>Ummm... be careful! I know I sound like the opposite of a hero dad (a screwy mom). But I have been working with PVC lately and have learned that pvc shouldn't be in the hands of children, especially since it contains a known carcinogen called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Put some type of polymer or safe rubber coating on the end your son blows on (twss). I don't want to sound like a pussy but also don't want your kid getting cancer off of a homemade blow gun...</p>
These are some pictures I took of my wooden body I made at a wood fair. It is designed after a bull-pup assault rifle. I can't wait to add PVC and test it out.
I found this idea about a year ago. Nerf darts work great as blow dart guns but i just never posted it. I didnt think i 4 foot length of pvc and a nerf dart is enough to make an Instructable out of. But you took it to the next level. Great job
as a college student i play a game called HvZ in some of my spare time, and i must say the blowguns are more effective than any Nerf blaster. on one slide you stated that you think other darts will work too, from experience i ca say suction darts don't have many problems, but streamline darts will spin out or flip out. if you did want to use streamline darts, you would need to use a copper pipe rather than PVC.<br><br>as a high school swimmer i can truly say these things get some insane distances, at least they do if you have a large lung capacity and the ability to empty them really fast.<br><br>i am actually finding myself really liking the handle you made for it, the blowguns i use just have PVC cut into short pieces and glued to the side for ammo storage, yet this handle seems like it would make accuracy a little better to get.<br><br>overall great ible!
ya this thing can shoot those whistler darts at least 100 ft (not for accuracy just for distance mind you). thanx for your comments.<br>

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