Easy Nerf Gun Target

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Introduction: Easy Nerf Gun Target

this is an easy nerf gun target that is right on the box. you only have to get the gun out and print a target out at http://mytargets.com or where ever you want.

Step 1: Get the Gun Out of the Box

first off, you have to get the gun out of the box. you then can thumb tack or tape or what not the printable targets to the box.

Step 2: Darts

a good way of knowing where you shot the darts is to put magic marker on the tip. this will leave a mark showing where you shot it.



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or you could just use suction darts

you downloaded accurate targets, huh? Well, you are quite a marksman. Surely I will do this with my Vulcan.

cool about how accurate are u and what all did u do to the longshot as far as moding it.

you could make those NERF darts that have thumbtacks on the points, then they would stick in the box

i cant do this as i have velcro nerf darts

you can also put soda cans on the box and shoot them.

Or you can shoot someone in the face and get marker on them! ...