Introduction: Easy, No Glue, PVC Dog Bottle Puzzle

Friction fit for easy assembly, transport and storage

Step 1: PARTS

Picture of PARTS

All 1/2" PVC

TWO "T"s

SIX elbows

SIX 12" section

THREE 24" Sections

Step 2: Store Will Cut Simple Parts for Free

Picture of Store Will Cut Simple Parts for Free

Step 3: Cut Hole in Bottle

Picture of Cut Hole in Bottle

Measure up 2/3rds of the bottle to make it harder to empty

"Drill" a knife that is a little wider than the pipe.


cestes1 (author)2017-05-05

So what exactly is the puzzle here?

michaelb2 (author)cestes12017-05-05

Getting the treats out. Different shaped bottles and containers create new challenges for dogs.

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