Introduction: Easy No-Sew Doll Panties

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Upcycle old socks and save money on doll panties! These are crazy-easy, require no sewing, and won't break the bank!

Step 1: You Need

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Step 2: Cut

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Cut across the foot of the sock, about 2-3" from the toe.

Then cut small holes on sides of toe.

Step 3: You Have Doll Panties!

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Don't worry about cutting very large leg holes, as they stretch going on.

These photos are shown using an 18" doll and adult socks. For smaller dolls, such as a Heart2Heart doll, you would use a toddler sock.


CalicoMeezer (author)2015-02-12

Yes, I make lots of dolly things out of socks. I have a hat one coming…gotta get photos of each step first.

crank_girl (author)2015-02-12

Why does the word 'panties' make me shudder so? Uuuuuuugh

Ysabeau (author)2015-02-12

Clever idea! And that can be improved and embellished or made by the litle owner of the doll. The other parts of the sock can be transformed to in clothing for dolls.

I just think that is more easy to find socks for vey cheap than doll's outfit.

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