Step 3: Add Your Design

Lay your fabric on your book covered in foil.  If you want to get it extra flat, you could tape the edges of the fabric down (although that would prevent the taped area from getting dyed, but might give you a nice border).  Draw your design in glue using the glue straight from the bottle.  Do not worry about the amount, you don't need to overdose on glue.  Just know that whatever parts you glue will retain the original color of the fabric.  When finished, let your design dry completely.  If you have kids or pets, make sure it's out of reach.

<p>So these are a couple of the pieces done by my class. I think they are pretty good and we've learned a lot about how to do it even better next time!</p>
I also loved it when we did a group tablecloth personalized &quot;placemats&quot; this way - when done - a simple clear plastic on top and <br>Miracle of Miracles no arguments over who sat where!!!!
We did batik tie dye. And used a flour+salt+ glue mix in tiny hole squirt bottle to distribute.design in chalk or pencil first. Then put mixture on design, let dry 24-48 hours. Wrinkle it up a bit. Then dip in different colors with and without rubber band let dry another 24 to 48 crumble off dried mixture spray with vinegar let dry then wash,... the kids loved it great for hours of rainy day activity. My kids wished for rain!!!
<p>Love! I'll have to try that!</p>
It was fun, but have always loved arts and crafts! Anything requiring: <br>set up<br>Doing project <br>then clean up<br>- if we were ever going to be allowed to do it again = meant time staying out of trouble! <br>Perfect.<br>The fun was a bonus!!!!
<p>Thank you for this really helpful idea! I've tried this using a tie-dye kit for the cold water dye and pva glue. The glue washed out in the machine and the whole thing looks fabulous. Looking forward to trying this with my class of 31 year 5s!</p>
<p>Fantastic! And thirty one 5s! Aren't you brave!</p>
<p>hi thanks for the easy way of doing batik........I really liked it and I want to try it on my curtains bt they are not pure cotton.....would that be a problem.....pls advice.....</p>
<p>As long as they have a large percentage of cotton in them, I would imagine it would work, although without knowing what the rest of the fabric is, I can't be sure. Does it say? If it's possible, your best bet may be to get a small piece of similar/same fabric to do a test run on. Doing that would help you out as well because it's always a good idea to try something before doing the 'good' version. I love the idea of creating batiked curtains, by the way!</p>
Thanks swampy591.........for ur kind suggestions and secondly for appreciating my idea do batik curtains!<br>
I have yet to get to this amazing idea...I have NOT forgotten this! and I WILL let you know....Thanks Again!
No problem! I have also since used liquid startch instead of wax/glue, and found that it works even better because it washes out easier than the glue. I have also used watered down acrylic paint in lieu of dye, and although it works well, I wouldn't suggest it for anything you plan on wearing. <br>It's always better to use what's available than buy something new :) Good luck!
This is a great idea....simple with awesome results Thanks for the instructables! I have a sheet set that is calling this ideas name!
Thanks! Let us know how they come out

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