This recipe is super simple and super easy but they take a long time to cook sadly. If you're a beginner at baking this is a good recipe to start off with.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:
• 1 cup of Nutella
• 1 cup of Flour
• 1 egg

Step 2: Blending

First, preheat your oven to 180 degrees and set out a baking tray covered in parchment paper.

You will need to mix all of your ingredients in a bowl until you get a dough consistency.

Step 3: Preparation

Grab portions of dough from your bowl and roll them up into a ball. Once you've rolled them up, flatten them out with the palm of your hand and place them on the tray.

Step 4: Baking and Eating

Once your oven is finished preheating, place the tray in the oven carefully and let it cook for 1 hour. As I reminded you before, they take a while to cook.

After the hour has passed, pull out your cookie tray carefully and let them sit out for a little bit so they can cool off and firm up a little bit. Once the cookies have cooled down, you're ready to eat them. Enjoy!
Celsius or Fahrenheit? I'm assuming Fahrenheit?
What do you preheat the oven on

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