Picture of Easy Office Chair Facelift!

Office chairs can get a lot of use and abuse, leading them to look pretty tired and drab after a short while.  Often, the boring upholstery fabrics they come with (navy, black, and more navy) do not mesh with your super-fun personality! There are any number of reasons to re-vamp your office chair. I'm here to tell you it's dead simple and can be done in an hour or two.

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Step 1: Find a good specimen!

Picture of Find a good specimen!
I had a great office chair but the cover was badly stained from too many lunches enjoyed at my desk.  I had some fabric and a bit of spare time and here's what happened!

Step 2: Select Your Fabric

Picture of Select Your Fabric
I picked some lightweight upholstery fabric.  Choose something that isn't too light in colour, or it will show dirt sooner. Also, be sure your fabric is durable enough to withstand the use your chair sees.  Decorator fabrics, twills, upholstery fabrics or even a high-quality quilting cotton would all make good choices.

Step 3: Put your chair on your work surface

Picture of Put your chair on your work surface
I put it upside down on my work table to see what I was in for.  If you were a purist (or an actual upholsterer*), you would use an awl and pliers and remove the old staples and use the cover to make your pattern. This is a tedious and thankless step and to be honest, for a thrift store chair that's already gone through a few covers, I just wanted a quick fix!  I opted not to remove the cover and just go over top with the new one.

*If you were an actual upholsterer, you wouldn't be reading 'Easy Office Chair Facelift'.

Step 4: Remove chair back

Picture of Remove chair back
There were two screws holding the chair back on to the stem-thingy that attaches to the seat.  I removed those screws and the cover came off. It was pretty filthy, so I gave it a scrub. This step is optional of course, but what kind of a dirtbag are you if you don't just clean it! I mean, come on.
yoyo123hk2 years ago
Looks easy & fun to work on it, Thanks for sharing :) Will it be work on leather instead of fabric?
jessandstavro (author)  yoyo123hk2 years ago
If you had a half decent stapler, leather shouldn't be a problem. We repurposed a leather jacket to cover a dirt bike seat and our stapler handled it fine.
maenuela2 years ago
congratulations !
Hey, I actually saw similar steps on this before. Just one suggestion : You can cover the cushion with some plastics before putting on the fabric. This will make the chair water proof! The next time you replace the fabric again, you will be glad the plastic protected the cushion material inside ;-)
jessandstavro (author)  modernstyler3 years ago
YES! Awesome idea!
That fabric is awesome! Where did you get it?
jessandstavro (author)  inkstainedheart5 years ago
Just some discount fabric warehouse. Not a chain or anything. Sorry!
Ninzerbean5 years ago
Wow! I had no idea when I started to read this that it would be so easy! Thanks for sharing.