Introduction: Easy Offline GeoLocation

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Geolocation can be done easily with a type of code called HTML5.


- open Notepad (Windows user) or TextEdit (Mac user).

- (Windows user) open the file using file tab and open, or use the Ctrl + O shortcut. Next save file as Universal Text Format - 8 (UTF-8). use either .htm or .html file extension. Make sure you save using all files choice.

- (Mac user) open file and save as HTML file.

- open using a browser like Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox (it does not matter what browser you use, all browsers support HTML5).

Step 1: Simplest Geolocation You Can Make

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this version allows you to just to pinpoint longitude and latitude

Step 2: Advanced Easy Geolocation

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for an easier read of Geolocation, use the following file:

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JosiahC5 made it! (author)2016-11-27

here is what they shall look like

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