Boucle is fabric woven from novelty yarns. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boucle) The finished fabric has dimension that imparts a handmade look to the finished shawl.  The fabric also lends a more dressy look to the finished piece.  I chose a high contrast pattern, but you can find more subtle patterns and lighter weights. For this shawl, I used a wool/acrylic/poly fabric. The shawl construction is based on simple shawl patterns from South America.

What you need:

* basic sewing skills
* approx 2 yards of boucle fabric at least 46" wide (more if sizing up); prewashed
* sewing machine capable of doing zigzag stitch
* good quality sewing thread, ball-headed pins, scissors, tape measure

The sizing is women's small-medium.  Information on sizing up is given at the end.

My fabric had a decent looking selvedge that I used for the front edge saving some time finishing the edge.  You can choose to fold the selvedge under and topstitch, or use ready made bias tape to cover it, or you can choose to fringe it.  The other three edges of each piece have one inch of fringe.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Fabric

You will be cutting TWO (2) pieces.  The dimensions for each piece allow for 1" of fringe on THREE sides (fourth side is selvedge)

Piece ONE will be 23 " W by 28.5" L
Piece TWO will be 23" W by 50.5" L

Your fabric, like mine, may have a clear design that allows you to follow it as a guide while cutting.  If not you can use pins to mark the cutting lines.

Open the fabric to a single layer with right side up.

Use the drawing below as a guide to laying out and cutting.  Notice each piece uses a selvedge as one of its edges.
Very clever!&nbsp; I&nbsp;love shawls.&nbsp; Easy is always best.&nbsp; I&nbsp;bet it took longer to describe than to do the whole thing!<br />
Thanks b1russell!&nbsp; You know of what you speak, it did take longer to write up than to construct.&nbsp; Easy IS&nbsp;always best...and that does not always mean fleece when one is sewing.<br />
And when I think what i paid for one like this . . .<br />

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