Introduction: Easy Open Inflatables Valves

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One of my life's bugbears put to bed, how to get those inflatables valves open without injuring my dainty fingers.

Step 1: Those Pesky Valves.

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I've just put away the last of the kids inflatables - a small bouncy castle. It was cold outside, and with a grand total of ten, yes ten infuriatingly difficult to pop out valve caps, which were trying to rip off my fingernails and half my fingertips at each attempt, I sat and stared at them thinking "There must be a better way" and "ouch".

Step 2: "Look at Those Lovely Loops!"

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So I noticed what a lovely loop of plastic there was holding the valve cap onto the valve and I thought "I could fit a shoelace through there surely". Could I find a shoelace? What I did have was a lovely bit a paracord, so I quickly flashed the end over a flame to melt the frayed end and threaded it through the loop.

Step 3: Thread

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Step 4: Pull!

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Pull the thread, pulling towards the open side of the cap rather than the hinged side.

Step 5: Et Voilà

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All pulled out, fingers in tact, and only nine more to go. And of course getting the air out of the darn thing. Thankfully I remembered my electric air pump has a suck as well as a blow ;-)


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