Whether you are looking for an easy way to make fun holiday decorations, or a fun project for the kids, origami is a good option. In this instructable, we will create a very simple origami rabbit that can be made quickly and can easily be converted into several other animals, which we will discuss in detail at the end. These bunnies make great decorations, a fun activity for kids, and are very open to creative interpretation!

If you've come here for the kangaroo, quickly read through the whole instructable. At the end, we discuss the changes needed to create a kangaroo.

Supplies Needed:
Decorations (Optional)
i.e. cotton balls, markers, stickers

Estimated time to completion: 5 minutes plus decoration time.

The above photo pictures what it might look like when you're done.  Again, this is a very flexible design, so this image is the basic bunny.

Step 1: Prepare your paper

If you have a square sheet of paper, you can skip to step 2. If not, take your rectangular paper and fold the top-right corner diagonally across the page until what used to be the top of the page is parallel with the left side. Don't worry if you crease this fold: that is part of step 2, so doing it early won't hurt. Using the scissors, cut off the strip of paper below this fold. When you unfold the paper, you will have a perfect square and a head start on step 2!

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