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Learn how to make an easy origami dragon A4 instructions.

Design, video tutorial and diagram by Ventsislav Vasilev (Origamite)


Background Music: Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John performed by Teofila Vasileva (piano)

What do you need:

- One prinitng paper A4 or Letter

Duration: 12 minutes

Difficulty: ❤❤♡♡♡


ShadowDroid (author)2016-03-24

Kinda hard at the end but still pretty easy

LiveCrafts (author)2015-09-27

I made on of the kind, but I got a bit lost. Looks alright though! Not as nice as yours, though!

origamiaddict (author)2015-09-02

I wonder what you call a group of dragons? by the way, could you please make a photo tutorial? I'm making this at school for a project and i can't find a video, unless it's the little box that has an error in it.

This is really cool! I kind of want to make an entire herd of them!

thanks :)

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