Interested in learning origami, but worried that it's all to complex to understand?  This collection of easy origami Instructables are the perfect introduction to the world of origami. Easy to follow steps, pictures and videos will have you on your way to a thousand paper cranes in no time.

I had a number of messages saying people didn't "get" how the bird was folded.What better time to show everybody?Start with a square of paper, and copy the folds you see.Yes, I know I pre-creased the ...
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This is a really sweet type of origami that doesn't require the intricate folding that nobody can understand. What you'll need: 12 sheets of origami paper
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Make 3d paper stars from stripes of paper! **Warning: Making paper stars is addictive** I've always wanted to know how to make these, but couldn't understand how until a friend of mine showed me, tha...
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This kind of book mark does not fall off than other kinds. It holds on to ur page. For example on the pictures. This part use origami paper.
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I will be showing you how to make a flower. Not sure what kind it is, but I'm pretty sure it's a tulip. Please give me some tips because this is my first Instructable and I'm still in junior high scho...
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Just in time for Valentine's Day: a simple but beautiful Heart Note Fold!Follow the steps on the next pages, or watch my video:Originally named after the girl who inspired this fold!
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Create an origami container that resembles a takeout container.Materials needed-I recommend a 6-9 inch square this will work just fine with copy paper. I don't recommend thin wrapping paper.
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I will show you how to make an origami swan.
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Cool origami throwing star.
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Learn how to turn a peice of paper into a bowl. This is a simple and useful trick to know.
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Yes, this is another origami box...but this one has flaps! Or, if you prefer, wings. This is my first Instructable so feedback is nice. :)
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Ever since I learned about Origami in 4th grade, I have always loved to fold.  The part I like most is showing others how to fold.  When I see the joy on their face after they fold their first figure,...
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Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different objects, shapes, and animals. This instructable will guide you though on how to make a beautiful flapping origami bird. These instructions w...
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Materials Needed: A square piece of paper (size and color your choice) A flat, hard surface General Instructions: When making each fold be sure to press hard so that your flower comes out looking cle...
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