Picture of Easy P.D.C. (Portable Device Cradle)
I know there are a million different DIY guides to taming all the chargers, wall warts, and tangles of wires associated with portable devices. The problems with most are that they are either

a. more focused on hiding the chargers than making life easier

b. expensive

c. craptacularly hideous

d. all of the above.

Essentially, for anyone who wants to make a cool*, cheap, and easy docking station for their electronic doo-dads, rock on.

*if you are expecting your P.D.C. to charge, play, and manipulate your device, you may be a little crestfallen by my instructable, but hey, it's my first one!

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
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A few of the essentials:

1 Glue Gun (w/ glue sticks..)

1 (Preferrably SHARP) Box Cutter

1 Pair of Scissors

A handful of Zip Ties (smaller the better)

The specialty items:

1 FOAM "ergonomic keyboard wristrest" (Gel is possible, but a little too soft)

1 sheet of craft foam (mine came attatched to the wristrest)

1 charger that fits your device of choice

1 device.
ImCateB7 years ago
would you recomend multiple devices in one cradle?
JusCoz (author)  ImCateB7 years ago
It would probably add some much needed weight to the cradle, I found that I had to hold it to remove the iPod. (I say 'had' because the iPod is gone, the cradle remains! lol)
joeny19808 years ago
Good instructable, you may already know but you're probably getting alot of hits b/c it was mentioned on lifehacker.com. Thanks for putting in the drawings since you finished the project - but lets see your finished project! Post up a photo of it.
Not to mention being on MAKE, too. Good job!