Step 6: Enjoy!

Your cradle is now ready for use! Simply find a handy place to have your dock, and plug it in! The zip ties from earlier are perfect for shortening cords that are a little too long; roll it up and zip it.

Another kicker to this whole shebang is that you should also be left with enough materials to make whatever further docking accessories you need!


I will add photos of my completed projects as soon as I find time, since the photos are at home, and I want to publish this thing before someone else does the same thing and claims I copied them.

would you recomend multiple devices in one cradle?
It would probably add some much needed weight to the cradle, I found that I had to hold it to remove the iPod. (I say 'had' because the iPod is gone, the cradle remains! lol)
Good instructable, you may already know but you're probably getting alot of hits b/c it was mentioned on lifehacker.com. Thanks for putting in the drawings since you finished the project - but lets see your finished project! Post up a photo of it.
Not to mention being on MAKE, too. Good job!

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