Introduction: Easy Paper Basket

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Hi everyone! This Instructable tells you how to make an easy DIY paper basket that you can actually put things in.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

-3 medium sheets of construction paper or cardstock





Step 2: Cutting...

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From one of the sheets, measure and cut out 8 strips of paper 3 centimeters wide and 30 cm. long.

Step 3: ...and More Cutting...

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From the other sheet, measure and cut out 4 strips of paper 3x42 cm.(3 cm. wide, 42 cm. long.)

If they are not long enough, tape them together.

Step 4: ...and More Cutting.

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From the third sheet, measure and cut out 3 strips of paper 3x72 cm. If they are not long enough, tape them together.

Step 5: Pleating

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Place the 4 long strips next to each other and start pleating the 8 strips through them. Continue doing that until you have did it with all 8 of them.

Step 6: Spacing

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Push all the strips as close to each other as possible and even them out.

Step 7: Folding

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Fold the edges up at a right angle on all 4 sides. I only pictured three...

Step 8: Pleating

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Get those long strips of paper and start pleating them through the outside edge of the basket. You're almost done!

Step 9: Cutting

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Make a cut at all 4 corners.

Step 10: Folding

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Fold the edges down. YOU ARE DONE!!!


rameen malik (author)2015-12-04

it doesn't work

rameen malik (author)2015-12-04

it doesn't work

Crazedcat625 (author)2014-08-20

I am going to try this project with My 5 year ols Granddaughter. She will love it!

sandystarr28 (author)2014-08-20

I remember doing these in grade school 40 years ago! but I couldn't remember exactly how. thanks for sharing.!

seamster (author)2014-08-19

Nice basket! You're on a streak of great projects. Thanks for sharing this!

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