This instructable will show you how to make paper Batarangs. P.S this is my first instructable plz comment I would like to know how well I've done and out of MEB and OJB I'm OJB.

Hope you enjoy! And plz comment if you made one

Step 1: Materials



Step 2: Fold

Fold paper in half hamburger fold

Step 3: Fold Again

Just fold it again

Step 4: Unfold

Now unfold the fold you just did

Step 5: Paper Airplane Fold

Now fold the corners in to the center line.Now do that on both sides

Step 6: Fold in Half

Just fold in half so it looks like the picture

Step 7: Fold Back

Fold so you get something similar to the picture.and do on both sides

Step 8: Paperclip

Now add the paperclip and your done!
<p>Okay, that's just awesome.</p>
What in the heck is a batarang?
<p>It's DC Comics' weapon where you throw it to your opponent but it gets back to you quickly. Batman usually owns this thing. It's actually bat plus boomerang... batarang!</p>
Thanks! I will try that
These are not batarangs the are just folded rectangles but you could cut a pattern into it and get a batarang

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