This is an easy way to make an interesting pop up card for Thank You notes or different uses. Things may be confusing in the written part of it but you can always check you are doing it right in the pictures provided.  You will need:
- A piece of printer paper or construction paper
- A ruler
- A pair of Scissors

This is the final product.

Step 1: Get It Ready

First, you must fold the paper hot dog style. Then fold that it half both ways. In the end you should have a hot dog style piece of paper with the open end at the top of the paper. Next, cut at or near the places indicated with the blue marker all the way to the fold we made earlier. Fold that flap up.
Am I the only one who doesn't know what &quot;fold hot dog style&quot; means?<br><br>Sadly, I cannot understand from this instructible how to make this neat card. :(
Hot dog style just simply means to fold it in half the long way if it is too hard then just ask me to make a video.
I think a video always compliments an instructable...

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