Picture of Easy Paracord Key Chain

- 11 to 18 inches of paracord
- Lighter
- Scissors

Step 1: Getting it started

Picture of Getting it started
Cut paracord. Then fold in half andmake a loop inward. Take left hand string and loop under inward loop and lay on right hand string.
Then take right string and loop over and through left loop. Pull tight.
Cadet Park1 year ago
Nice. Simple. I love simple. Sometimes simple is the best
bobsquared2 years ago
I can't wait to make mine!!!!
Great job!
catvin1 year ago

I love it, but I need one with each loop at the end with shorter body, can it be done?

jforester11 year ago
Good job, I have made many... There is always something to do with those extra pieces, just 1 ? Why the knot at the end? I'm not being critical just wondered if there was a reason. I've always finished mine the same as a bracelet and melted the ends...I've made lots of them due to using extra pieces and never even thought that. Anyway, appreciate it